A simple guide to dressing for the Australian summer

Summer heat in Australia calls for a ‘less is more’ approach, and the peeling off of any unnecessary layers is crucial but also liberating and fun. The feeling of the warm summer breeze, salty air and simple statement pieces is an exciting thing to look forward to, but the key is remaining in a place where you feel beautiful and healthy in your own skin, active and ready to make the most of the summer days ahead.

Here are some practical, stylish and timeless wardrobe updates:

Wear a swimsuit under your clothes
Find something you really love, that can transition from a top to a swimsuit, on those days you spend relaxing by the coast or a pool. This one is a deeper colour and I often wear it with a linen midi skirt or a half-buttoned blouse.

Invest in a free-flowing button up dress
The feeling of a weighted hem is really lovely when you walk, it gives the perfect feminine touch and bounce. This one is simple to dress up or pair with relaxed accessories and bare feet.

The perfect best friend jumpsuit
This is a go-to piece, I always go for linen because it feels incredible and is always cool. Jumpsuits are only getting better and wide legs are super comfortable and easy to move around in.

A bag or backpack you can take everywhere plus siz eworkout clothes
It’s important for me to have a bag large enough to fit books, a camera, water bottles, towels, spare clothes, fruit etc. Antique leather or beautiful canvas or linen totes are super handy.

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